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2016 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Pictures from the 2016 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Photo credit: Mark Finan

I was primary driver at stints were late PM/sunset-night, 2AM-4AM, and sunrise. This year was dry, and we were the leaders of our class until the engine failed at the 23.5 hour mark.

•Top: Timed exposure of the night racing.
•Lower-left: Me driving the car around turn 14 in the day.
•Lower-right: Driver change, I am getting into the car for my next stint.

2015 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Pictures from the 25hrs of for higher resolution. Photo credit: Various.

I drove for nearly 6 hours. This was my first experience racing at night. Because this was in December, it rained.

•Upper-left: Post race photo with drivers and crew.
•Upper-right: Celebrating the 25 hour survival!
•Lower-left: Racing at dawn in the rain.

2013 RDC Illgen Enduro

Pictures from the 4hr Illgen Enduro at Thunderhill Raceway for higher resolution. Photo credit: T. Holifield.

I drove for 2 hours in this race, and our team ended up 3rd in class.

•Upper-left: Getting a drink during the pit stop.
•Upper-right: Crew working on the car during the pit stop.
•Lower-left: Prep work on the car before the races.

Other Racing Photos

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