At KCRA, I created new and innovative graphics that push the WSI TruVu Max system to the limits. I also built graphics and trained meteorologists for some of the largest NBC-owned stations in the country. I am known for pushing the WSI system to the limits, and unlocking unique features, allowing the stations I work with to gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

Click a station above to view several graphics samples.

KCRA-TV Sacramento

The Biggar Picture

I created a series of graphics that I use during specific weather events. The series is called "The Biggar Picture," and explains the larger forcings on our local weather.

Sky View (Updates with Futurecast) Custom Live Lineup for Winter Storms

KNBC-TV Los Angeles
KNBC modified 7-Day New Day Planner (Click for Animation)
Local "Neighborhood" Observations New Zone Forecast (Click for Animation)
New Local Winds Graphic (Mouse Over for Local Temps) Rebuilt and Reanimated Surf Graphic (Click for Animation)
Rebuilt Doppler and Touch-Screen Tools (Click for Animation) WSI Traffic Features Demo Graphic (Click for Animation)

WCAU-TV Philadelphia
New Virtual Set (Click for Breaking News Version) New Box Graphics (Mouse Over)
New Earth Graphics with "Gradient Curtains" Day Planner with Live Video Background

KVOA-TV Tucson
All KVOA Examples: Click for Larger Images
Interactive Tool Bar for Touch Screen New High/Low Forecast Graphics
Monsoon Threat Index Graphic Wind Speeds and Wind Direction w/ Compass