David Biggar in the SierraEver since I was a kid, I have been into weather. As a third grader in South Salem, New York, I already knew the Fujita Scale as well as the minimum sustained wind speed for a hurricane. After writing to Al Roker in the fourth grade, I received a wind chill chart which I used to do my first forecast for the school paper.

In 2001, I moved with my family to Northern California. I graduated in June 2011, from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science. While at Davis, I provided biweekly forecasts for both the university paper and radio station.

For 2 years, I interned at KCRA-TV in Sacramento where I created and rendered graphics, using WSI ShowFx. On the third week of my internship, I was responsible for training a new meteorologist on the WSI software as well as the use of a chromakey. I also reported on the December 26-27, 2010 East Coast Blizzard live, via phone, from inside the storm in New York.

In June 2011, right after my graduation, I was hired as a meteorologist at KCRA. In 2012, when KCRA upgraded to WSI TruVu Max, and I built every graphic that we would show on air. In 2013, I earned my AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal. I have been contracted to build graphics and train meteorologists for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles and WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.

David Biggar racing in the rain at Thunderhill Raceway ParkI also storm chase in my free time, and have been on chases both in college and while working at KCRA. My most recent chase was May 18-21, 2013, which overlapped with the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado. It was on this trip that I witnessed my first tornado near the Oklahoma/Kansas border. I also educated Sacramento viewers on severe weather through a live blog where I answered viewer questions while on the road.

Outside of the weather world, I am an avid motorsports fan, following all forms of racing from NASCAR to Formula 1. In 2010, I began racing a Spec [Mazda] Miata, and have since collected several podium finishes in my class. I also have a passion for aviation and flight simulation where I have been active in development for Microsoft's Flight Simulator, creating airport sceneries. In late 2009, after releasing a representation of Sacramento International Airport, my work was featured in Germany's flight simulation magazine, FS Magazin. I helped with KCRA's coverage of the Asiana 777 Crash, providing insight into aircraft operations, and technical documentation for the aircraft.

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